Erddig is an 18th century country house located on the outskirts of Wrexham, North Wales. Erddig was built in 1684–1687 for Josiah Edisbury, the High Sheriff of Denbighshire.

The surrounding estate features some beautiful Welsh countryside, but in this blog we are taking a look at the Interior Flooring and Exterior Paving found throughout the home. The original owners of the house held their servants in particularly high regard, so even the servants quarters have some stunning tiles and flagstones to discover!

Exterior Paving

The pathways, terraces and practical paved areas are varied in their design and construction. Small local kilns would be used to make dense hardwearing bricks and terracotta (meaning ‘fired earth’) floor tiles for outdoors and in.

Beautiful Yorkstone flags would have been brought in as the best flagstone paving available, and in the utility area, cobbles cover the courtyards. Self binding gravels, and decorative aggregates and chippings are used on pathways, offering excellent drainage, and an easy to repair surface.

Kitchen Flooring

Attractive terracotta tile flooring, all made in local kilns, would have been complemented by hard clay decorative tiles made not far away at the Dennis Ruabon brick and tile factory.

Dennis Ruabon have exported a range of unique clay fired tiles around the world for almost 200 years. Recently closed, many of their tiles are now imported from China!

Interior Flooring

Stunning examples of tile and flagstone floors are on display in the house and outbuildings at National Trust Erddig House, near Wrexham. Even the gift shop has a wonderfully authentic paving slab floor.

Tiles, Paving Slabs and Flagstones show the patina of over two centuries of wear and tear. Floors often help tell the story of the lives and habits of those living and working in the great country houses in Great Britain.

Get The Country House Look

Erddig Country House | Exterior Brick Pavers | National Trust Paving

Getting the country house look and feel in your own home and garden is a lot easier than you might think. Westminster Stone, inspired by the National Trust, have produced four collections of traditional style paving, that echoes the heritage and tradition of our wonderful stately homes and public gardens.

Browse the four collections below to discover authentically reproduced flagstones, paving slabs and tiles to bring the character and charm of the National Trust to your next home and garden project.

Warm Interior Floor Tiles | Erddig Country House | National Trust Paving

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